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Footest Rest History

Originally the 1870s-era assay office for Frisco – the place where miners went to have their gold and silver weighed and assessed – the property was later known as Wildhacks Grocery Store-Post Office. Kelly’s grandparents took it over in 1941 and dubbed it “Foote’s Rest,” and it remained for years the place where Friscoites went for mail and milk, news and other sundries while also being a place to rent a cabin for the night or the week. In the main house, one large room retains some of the original grocery store trappings – an antique case for pharmaceuticals, mail slots, an ancient cash register that looks to weigh 500 pounds, and enough old-timey odds and ends to keep a historian busy for years. Foote’s Rest is a warren of added-on rooms of different vintages, hidey-holes and closets stuffed with everything from old suitcases and antique ski poles to wooden-case radios and ledger books of transactions long past.

History Barn

History Bike

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Helen Foote

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